We are Epic season


The Story – Built on the back of classical piano training, Epic Season has been writing, performing, and teaching in a wide variety of venues since early 2009. This current group of 5 individuals has won multiple awards including Best New Sound of NH 2017 for their sophomore album, New Lands. More recently the band traveled back to Nashville, TN to record a new EP entitled Lifeless Form, winning The Akademia’s Best Pop Album 2017.

The Sound – Varied influences in the band have helped to grow into a diversity of sounds. Typical alternative influences in bands such as Coldplay and The Killers pushed further into the indie realm of groups such as Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire. Placing great value on the pen, the lyrics tend towards both introspective pursuit of truth and justice as well as a public caution against the inevitable slow-death of undercover apathy. Lifeless Form in particular ventures into worlds of the darkness within while sporting heavy synth grooves and soaring vocal hooks.


"Epic Season has captured the sounds of some of their musical heroes (Bastille, The Killers, Coldplay, Mutemath, Paper Route), yet remixed and reinvented them in a way that is, frankly, quite astounding given the band's young collective age. Epic Season proves that it's possible to take elements from your musical predecessors and create a collage that is wholly your own, and that you don't have to skimp on creativity to make something melodic and catchy. New Lands is one of the best albums of the year in whatever genre you want to stick it in." 



"Epic Season is one of the most creative and exciting bands I've seen and heard in a long time. They write songs that make you think, dream, and dance."

-Paul Colman, formerly of Newsboys and The Paul Colman Trio



Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Nathan Wells

Drums, Cello / Simon Wells

Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion / Matthew Crory